Eat, Sleep, New Haven

Summer began a little less than a month ago, and a little chaotically. But after some recovery time at home I’m gearing up for the return to New Haven.

In just a few days I’ll be living in a romantically scruffy apartment building (where, under questionable judgement, I will continue to live in for the next year) working as a summer intern for Dr. Leanne Elder of the Yale Geology Department. Leanne studies an array of things related to marine invertebrate physiology; I’ll be working on a project focusing on the effects of low-oxygen conditions on invertebrate metabolisms in Long Island Sound. The idea is this: in understanding how environmental stressors influence the tiny organisms at the bottom of the food chain, we can better understand how these stressors, often linked to climate change, might affect marine ecosystems. The eutrophying Long Island Sound is a fantastic place to study this. We’ll be working out of her lab in New Haven, and the field station nearby, in Guilford.

I’ll be posting here about our progress and the trials and tribulations faced as we monitor the little spineless creatures off of Connecticut’s coast.


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